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Chris Decatur (Duh-Kay-Tuhr)
lives a quiet life as an Illustrator by day,
and Superhero by night.
Quite frankly though, he has no fun super powers like "flying"
or any fun gadgets like a "utility belt" or "rope of justice".
…But he does know how to kick a bit of bad-guy-butt.

Very few people know this about him, and even fewer know
his Super-Identity. And he likes it that way,
'cause it's kinda a funny name if you ask me.

Chris hides his identity in sunny San Diego [less villians there]
with his super side-kick-kitty, Nimbus the Cat.

For more info on Chris, visit www.ChrisChrisChris.com
or email him at: Chris@chrisCHRISchris.com

"If you're bored,
you're boring…"
—Chris Decatur

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